Room 15 is located on the first floor, with access through the terrace of ‘La Fonda Antigua’. It is cozy and consists of two large windows that overlook typical Vejer patios.

Room 14 of ‘La Fonda Antigua’ is located on the first floor. It is accessed through the terrace. It is spacious and bright and has a balcony with wonderful views.

With a Bauhaus style, recovered pieces and elements of a contemporary design, room Nº 12 is on the first floor of The Fonda Antigua.

Room 11 of our Casa La Fonda Antigua is spacious, cozy and full of light. With window to a classic courtyard of Vejer and with entrance from the rooms of the Fonda that were built

Room 10 is located on the roof of our house La Fonda Antigua.It has probably the best wiews of all Vejer.

Room 9 of our house La Fonda Antigua is spacious and bright. It is located on the ground floor, with a large window overlooking the street San filmo and the Church of Divino Salvad

Room 8 of our house La Fonda Antigua is located on the ground floor, with a large window to Calle San filmo. The white polished cement floor makes it especially luminous and, in tu

Room 7 in La Fonda Antigua is on the terrace of La Fonda Antigua. Cozy and intimate with lots of light, from the window of the room and from the private terrace (which is at the hi

Room 6 is the largest room in La Fonda Antigua. The room has a fantastic claw foot bath tub on a floor of restored hydraulic slabs in the central area.

Room number 5 in La Fonda Antigua, which is designed based on circular shapes, has an entrance hall with two armchairs, a bathroom with shower and a view of the bedroom and a doubl