Room 12 – Double Superior

With a Bauhaus style, recovered pieces and elements of a contemporary design, room Nº 12 is on the first floor of The Fonda Antigua.
From its three balconies you can enjoy the marvelous views of the town of Vejer, the beach of Zahara and the Africa continent.
In the bedroom, based around an easy chair inspired by the Heart Chair of Panton, you can appreciate the depth of the various rooms in an interplay of perspectives that, in another context, place and style remind one of La Galería Espada and its Borromini perspective.
Between vertical plants and an antique stone basin of more than two hundred years old, is a hidden bathroom. This has a small interior garden with a shower and an ample bath and from which, despite its position, the town of Vejer and the beach of Zahara can be seen.
At the end of the room there is a sitting area with two armchairs in the style of Rietveld’s model 365 chair, which invite you to pause and rest while you delight in the panoramic view of the historical center of the town.

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