Venta Naveros

One of the dishes characteristic of the vejeriega tradition is lomo en manteca. So central to the vejeriega tradition is this dish that it has become an institution and the area now celebrates “Lomo en Manteca Day” on the Puente de la Hispanidad. This event attracts large numbers of visitors to our area.

Lomo en manteca is loin of Iberian pork cooked in its own fat, seasoned with spices such as wild oregano. Although the recipe is always the same, the flavour can vary according to the idiosyncrasies of the expert chefs who prepare it. Today, we will show you how it is served for breakfast in Venta Naveros (Naveros, Vejer). It is served in fine cuts, similar to shredded beef, with a small serving of lard on the plate and a separate extra tub of lard (in case the bread is dry). Marvellous, authentic farmhouse bread is served as a side dish. There is no better way to start the day.