Vejer has a rich historical and cultural heritage that has shaped its appearance. Wandering through its streets, one can still feel the Arab influence of its past.

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With its winding trusses and the names of many of its streets, the town pays homage to the individuals who shaped crucial moments in its history (Sancho V, Juan Relinque, etc.).Visitors are always curious about the purpose and significance of our historic buildings and our history, which, in the final analysis, makes our marvellous town unique.

One company in Vejer will help you learn about and enjoy Vejer with a unique approach: Marimantas Vejer. On most days, Marimantas Vejer offers guided serenaded tours, recreations of historic events and dramatised visits which – and with a stroll through the streets of Vejer – tell the story of the people who shaped the history of our town and the legacy of our cultural heritage. Las Hazas de Suerte, Los Pleitos de Juan Relinque and other stories come to life through the extraordinary minstrels that make up the group Marimantas Vejer.

Our favourite walks are the dark night walks. However, there are other routes that are customised and suitable for children. The walk can be taken in Spanish, English, German, Italian and sign language. On Sundays in July there is the “Minstrels through the Streets” walk. This walk recreates the story of Las Hazas de Suerte. Do not miss the opportunity to learn about the history of our town in a different way.